Client Testimonials

I have had the great privilege of knowing Fred for the past two years. During this time, Fred has consistently delivered an outstanding level of one on one personal training for me. His knowledge in a variety of specialised health and fitness fields as well as his skills in designing and executing a safe and personally challenging program, and gracious and considerate approach, has enabled me to achieve life changing new heights of personal health and fitness. Thank you Fred! If you are looking for a personal trainer in South Yarra I can highly recommend Fred

- Scott

I've been working with Fredrik since 2015 and have seen the results. I had been working out wiht a previous trainer before him but had hit a wall. Fred focused not only on improving my performance at the gym but also my nutrition, sleep, and overall lifestyle. I'm honestly in the best shape I've been in my life and he's a good part of my overall happiness. Couldn't recommend a more personal, caring, genuine, and professional trainer than this guy. If you're looking for more than just a PT session with a personal trainer in South Yarra that will help you towards the lifestyle change you need to make to get the results you need, Fred's your guy. Thank you!

- Justin

“The reason why I wanted a personal trainer in South Yarra is I work long hours and travel every week, I need a practical exercise routine that doesn’t require lots of equipment but gets results.  Fred gives me that without the boredom of doing the same thing every week.”

- Michael

Fred is everything you could want in a trainer; knowledgeable, honest, professional, compassionate, flexible and fun. Above all this he is a true professional, working with integrity, humility and for the benefit of his clients. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are looking for a personal trainer in South Yarra that knows what they are talking about, is concerned for your health and well being and gets that every human is different and requires an individual approach – Fred is your guy.

- Stef

“I was looking for a personal trainer in South Yarra and Fred has made such a difference by making me accountable for my activity, in a positive way he has encouraged me to build my strength and cardio.”

- John

As a retiree, I was looking for a personal trainer in South Yarra who could help me improve my level of fitness as well as working on core strength and stability. Fred is great.  He is always friendly, cheerful and positive.  Fred selects exercises that are suitable for my level of fitness but ensures I push myself as much as possible.  Our sessions are full of variety and fun.  Outside of our sessions, Fred is always willing to provide any assistance with exercises and techniques and designed a program for my use during other visits to the gym.  No matter what your age is or what your goals are, I would definitely recommend working with Fred.

- Patricia

I worked with Fred for over 6 months last year. I loved my sessions with him!  Fred is very knowledgeable and professional in his field, always stretching me to challenges as well as maintaining a great sense of humour and human connection. He was also flexible and able to adapt his planned program on occasion when I was physically and mentally fatigued, or just not in top form. I found muscles I did not know I had, but never was pushed to the point of pain. I will be returning to Fred as a personal traine in South Yarra at times when I need and want the extra, very personalised attention, and focus on great form that he provides
- Kalli Pulos - Senior Executive Coach